Saturday, May 2, 2009

goin' to Alaska

We'll (the big Chunker and I) be headin' to the great white north country on the 15th of this month. If I take this laptop contraption with me, I'll keep ya'll posted with our hikinks and some wonderful pictures of all of the flora and fauna that we come across......especially the minnows that my fisherman brother manages to land.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Maybe this blogging stuff will finally get me to be somewhat consistent in my efforts to keep a journal and at the same time provide an outlet to express some thoughts that have weighed on my mind lately. Hopefully, it'll also serve as a guide and maybe even a source of guidance and comfort for those I love the most......Lori (the very most), Joey & Cali and kids, Allison & Aaron and kids, Natalie & Dave and kids, Emily & Jared and kids, and Lindsay & Austin and kid(s). Without all of you I am unfullfilled.

I miss my brother and his family immensely; if only we could all live closer together. Who would have ever guessed when we were kids that he would become that important in my life! But he is and I wish he and his kids lived close by. My admiration for the way he and Sandy live their lives is probably not known to them, but they have been an inspiration. And at this time of trial in their lives I so wish I could do something to help.

Winston Churchill is known for many uplifting and encouraging words but these below seem to be directed explicitly to me and have become my mantra:

Success is not final

Failure is not fatal -

It is the courage to continue

that counts.

Winston Churchill 1871 - 1965

With that in mind I will get up tomorrow and again try to improve myself on my journey to success.